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 rigsafe compressors
RentAir Offshore air rental fleet consists of a combination of ZONE II, SAFEZONE & RIGSAFE equipment.
 10000 - 15000 PSI heat exchanger
RentAir Offshore heat exchangers, used to heat a number of fluids found in oil and gas production...
 steam generators
RentAir Offshore has an extensive fleet of steam generators providing outputs up to 5.8 million btu.
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OSEA 2014, 2nd - 5th December

RentAir Offshore will be exhibiting at this year’s OSEA exhibition in Singapore from 2nd - 5th Decem…

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Interview: Head of Assets, Alan Leslie on the new Zone II DNV2.7-2 Product Development

Interview: Head of Assets, Alan Leslie on the new RentAir Offshore Zone II DNV2.7-2 Product Developm…

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RentAir Offshore is a global provider of specialist rental equipment to the offshore energy industry. Our core products of air compression and steam generation are designed to support the needs of major oil & gas operators and service companies in the production of oil and gas, well testing, high pressure pipeline, rig repair, maintenance and drill cutting handling.

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RentAir Offshore has dedicated operations and/or facilities in a number of global locations. Click the map to locate us: